Organic structures echo memories, emotions, and everyday interactions. Reflecting on my past leads me to think about my physical existence and identity. My process of creation is a mechanism to cope with humanity and my own reality. I look at different forms of nature to inspire my work; free-flowing motion, unique textures, and intricate curves. As a result, every form incarnates an existence or remembrance.

Growth is an awkward and chaotic thing. As I learn to acclimate myself to my surroundings and cope with various situations, I romanticize the talents of countless plants and insects. I admire their abilities to adapt to their surroundings and protect themselves from their environments. Nature has a beautiful way of embracing change, growth, and strength. Certain unique and resilient characteristics of so many seemingly fragile things are enthralling to me.  

Fragments of nature such as plants, bones, and insects give a treasured and vulnerable existence. Intricate curves, connections, and details follow an intuitive thought process as I harmonize my found resources with my metal forms.