I reflect on the moments I wish to know and the fragility of me and my surroundings. Organic and enduring structures echo the strong connections I feel from my everyday interactions. As I ponder the weight of life, big or small, I use my process of creation as a mechanism to cope with humanity and my own reality. I look at different forms of nature to inspire my work; free-flowing motion, unique textures, and intricate curves.


As a result, every form incarnates an existence or remembrance. They are reflections of what was and moments I cherish or long for. While tracing body structures, and isolating emotions, I embrace mourning, love, and memory. I am enamored by the multiple circumstances a piece of jewelry can hold for an endless amount of time and how each adornment intermingles with the life and body bearing it. Rituals of life translate to a physical presence and connect to the viewer or wearer. Fragments of nature such as plants, bones, and insects convey a delicateness and irreplaceability while revitalizing a life or remembrance. Intricate curves, connections, and details follow an intuitive thought process as I harmonize my found resources with my metal forms. The weight of tomorrow is heavy but not guaranteed.