Organic structures echo memories, emotions, and everyday interactions. Reflecting on my past leads me to think about my physical existence and identity. I use my process of creation as a mechanism to cope with humanity and my own reality. I look at different forms of nature to inspire my work; free-flowing motion, unique textures, and intricate curves. As a result, every form incarnates an existence or remembrance.

While I find myself dreaming of all the different sensations the skin can make me feel, insects crawling, fabric, stings, chills, cuts, scrapes, I think about its resilient, protective and delicate nature. I think about scars that form from a wound in order to heal, becoming a permanent part of the body expressing its strength. Enamored by the intimacy and rituals adornments encompass, I create pieces to intermingle with the body.  

Fragments of nature such as plants, bones, and insects give a treasured and vulnerable existence. Intricate curves, connections, and details follow an intuitive thought process as I harmonize my found resources with my metal forms.